Hinduja group
is an Indian group and one of the largest conglomerates in the world based in London, UK. The group has assets in Banking, Finance, Transportation and energy, Health and Research as well as Education and more. Hinduja asked us to modernize their aging identity in order to create a powerful and international brand representing Hinduja within the galaxy. We created a symbol constituted by the four elements orbiting around the H at its center. The use of negative space was to integrate what the indians call the fifth element - the void. The symbol holds two primary colours, blue for serenity and positive power - it is also the historic colour of Hinduja, and the emergence of green with evermore focus on sustainable development. We designed a specific typography for the logo, bringing power, modernity and a hint to great history with minute "semi serif" feel to the sans serif approach.The core identity gave birth to a rigorous brand architecture around a unique symbol and the creation of a proprietary alphabet. A brand territory was designed around the two fundemental colours and an extensive use of white space. The combination of two typefaces (Trade Gothic and Mrs Eaves) creates a nice balance between Hinduja's historic heritage and its vision of tomorrow. 
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