I am passionate about branding, often wear orange and believe design can have a positive impact on our lives. It has the power to make function more beautiful and relevant, more entertaining and inclusive. As a creative director, my goal is to share this vision with the creative teams I manage, the clients I advise and students I have taught.
As VP and Chief Creative Officer at Carré Noir, my job is to oversee creation and set creative vision across all disciplines at the agency. I also art direct as I am very much a hands on person. I typically work on large-scale branding programmes with recent works including, Visa, CCF, City of Paris, Nestlé, Brasseries Kronenbourg, Europcar Mobility Group, Dacia, La Poste. In the last two years, an area of focus has been how to use and implement artificial intelligence in the work we produce. 
I hold a BFA in Graphic Design / Motion Design from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and my work has received numerous awards from Transform, Wolda, Creativity International, TopComs, Stratégies amongst others. I have been a juror at Eurobest, Club des DA and Le Book. I taught design at Parsons (Paris branch of the New York school).
I am also an illustrator (rezabassiri.com) represented in North America and Europe with a focus on digital art and watercolor. I write and produce electronic music and have released a number of records under the Scorpio and Pink Thing labels. My creative fields of expertise include: branding, illustration, photography, music production, 3D and Artificial Intelligence. 

Some of my clients include: Netflix, Adobe, Kering, BPCE, Air Mauritius,  Nespresso, Champagne Taittinger, Kronenbourg, Grimbergen, Audemars Piguet, Gavi Alliance, Toyota…
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