Famous french fashion shoe store ANDRÉ founded in 1900 has about 400 stores in France. Pitching several agencies, leading design agency Carré Noir was retained to create all retail and graphic material for the new generation stores. There are several key elements in the new concept. The monogram created with two stilettos. The stiletto is made of the letter "A", from André's initial. 
The monogram once multiplied becomes a pattern, sometimes embossed, tone on tone, or vibrant saturated. 
It is used in store, online, and even as graphic pattern for André's products. In the store, there are three "iconic" items. The library, from floor to ceiling, shoes ordered giving a sense of profusion. 
In the middle, a long catwalk of floating shoes symbolizing freedom and lightness. The catwalk displays the new arrivals that drives the consumer from the front to the back of the store.
At the back of the store, rather than hiding the stock, it is revealed through dark purple glass just like a wine or cigar cellar. This has the effect of adding to the André retail experience. 
The André flagship store is located on the luxurious and trendy Place Victor Hugo in the 16th Arrondissement in Paris, France. 
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