Change. Never stops. But we never give up. Find the triangle, and the square will grow. It is with these words that the film really starts. As the world around continues to change, we must constantly adapt and transform in order to stay relevant and the forefront of these changes to help our clients, partners and collaborators transform. The film is about finding your triangle. The triangle is a key element of this film as two form a square. it's the symbol of stability, solid foundation for progress. Two triangles also form the square, logo of our brand, the black square - Carré Noir in French. When connected to the square, the four triangles make a bigger square which symbolizes perpetual change and growth. The film is the story of a character, jumping into the future, the unknown, symbolized by a futuristic dark city. The Japanese wordings are a way to throw our western eyes off balance. A way to challenge oneself and be open to the new. Diving into this new world, a quest to find the triangles that will let our expertises grow as the bigger square is revealed. It becomes a square to the square. Everchanging.  
Director: Reza Bassiri / Alexis Grellier
Art Direction: Alexis Grellier / Reza Bassiri / Mathieu Gouriou
Character Design: Mathieu Gouriou / Reza Bassiri
2D animation: Alexis Grellier / Reza Bassiri / Mathieu Gouriou   
3D animation: Mathias Grima
Art buying: Sylviane Camus
Music and sound FX: Reza Bassiri

After Effects CC interface for "Change" animation
AnimateCC interface for "Change" animation
Logic Pro X interface for "Change" music soundtrack
Storyboard and concept art
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