Race to Mars
I was always fascinated with space, space travel, sci-fi movies like 2001, Interstellar and Star Wars. I am also an avid fan of Civilization's Beyond Earth video game. As many around the world, I was blown away by the latest images sent by Nasa's perseverance. This also sparked questions in my head: who will be the first man on Mars, the First Nation and the consequences of such a race.. From that perspective, I thought of creating this illustration, a little bit in the way some boxing match posters were designed with a tint of propaganda imagery. Most elements were drawn in Procreate and finalized in Photoshop. I designed the typeface for "Race to Mars" using Illustrator. I find combining the programs to be a real nice combo and saves me time. Let me know what you think in the comment section :)
Thanks for watching. 
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