ArianeGroup & Arianespace branding
POMME DE PAIN, strategy, identity & retail design
ArianeGroup brand identity film
IMT Institut Mines-Télécom branding and Identity
Quick brand identity
MAKE.ORG branding and Identity
ZIVE french VOD by SFR identity and branding
ATR, identity and branding, print, motion, film
CALIFORNIA BLISS, identity, global branding and retail
Sorec Identity and branding, retail and film
ANDRÉ Paris, flagship store
luxury group KERING identity and branding
ANDRÉ, stores & branding
UBC, branding and identity
BURGER BAR by QUICK, global identity, branding & retail
Hinduja group global corporate identity and branding
Above Wealth identity and branding
PICKUPSTORE, retail design and branding
GAVI The Vaccine Alliance, identity & branding
Air Mauritius Global brand identity and branding
Nexity Identity and branding
Ligue 1 & 2 Pro Football identity and branding
Safran Identity, architecture, branding
BPCE Groupe + Natixis film and identities
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